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Hob drill mine construction in large diameter

Hob drill mine construction in large diameter

(Summary description)With the rapid development of engineering construction , the construction of large-scale mines increasing wellbore excavation construction process is the key to building the mine , using a reasonable construction of the mine excavation method has important significance. So far, the drilling method is still one of the best methods of mine development , this construction method is all on the ground , people do not go down , safe and reliable.

Hob drill mine construction in large diameter

(Summary description)With the rapid development of engineering construction , the construction of large-scale mines increasing wellbore excavation construction process is the key to building the mine , using a reasonable construction of the mine excavation method has important significance. So far, the drilling method is still one of the best methods of mine development , this construction method is all on the ground , people do not go down , safe and reliable.


With the rapid development of engineering construction , the construction of large-scale mines increasing wellbore excavation construction process is the key to building the mine , using a reasonable construction of the mine excavation method has important significance. So far, the drilling method is still one of the best methods of mine development , this construction method is all on the ground , people do not go down , safe and reliable.

Large diameter drilling in mine construction method , in general, the deeper the wellbore , usually drilling and the construction is in the topsoil , in soft rock strata and hard rock formations such as a relatively wide range of geological conditions , most of the drill bit used for drilling hob , the diameter and depth of the mine general than ordinary engineering piling hole diameter and depth is much greater, they use the hob drill shape design, knife block selection, the selection of the tapered cone angle of the hob cutter methods and cloth and cloth knives , are associated with general engineering piling drilling holes with a drill different. In this respect Luoyang nine years the company design and manufacture of large diameter drill mine drilling construction with hob and should pay attention to some issues to make a brief introduction to jointly discuss , in order to improve the construction of large diameter mine shaft drilling efficiency and economy.

A hob design and manufacture of drill

Large diameter shaft ( more than 5 m in diameter ) into the well borehole , are generally graded drilling . The size of the first stage drilling diameter is generally based on a combination of factors to determine the project , the main factors to consider are mine depth , ground conditions , drilling rigs and ancillary equipment capacity , drilling methods , generally mostly in φ3 m -φ5 meters Room selection. We design and manufacture of the first stage drill specifications φ3 m , φ3.4 m , φ4 m , φ4.5 m and φ5 m several specifications , the shape of a flat and conical bottom two kinds ; second grade , third grade reamer specifications will have according to the owners of the mine construction design scheme to decide. Now on the first stage of the design and manufacture of drill hob and construction applications discussed .

1.1 flat hob design and manufacture of drill

Flat hob drill structure is simple, cheap , configure saddle knife block, supporting the selection of 12 " 20 ° cone angle tapered hob ( hob points welded wedge hob hob and tipped the ball in two forms ) . hob with dry oil lubrication lubrication and oil lubrication are two, generally speaking, in the soft rock strata and in hard rock formations ( hardness between 45MPa-120MPa ) conditions, for shallow ( depth of about 100 meters ) of drilling , use dry oil lubrication welded hob to meet the needs of the construction , in the hard rock hard rock formations and strata ( between hardness 120MPa-180MPa ) conditions , the choice of gear lubrication ball rolling knife is appropriate ; for deep ( depth of 150 m above ) of drilling under the same conditions , the choice of self-balancing pistons with oil lubrication hob is better.

Wear on the tapered hob , in the drilling process, hob rotation around the center drill revolution , while also hob cutter shell around its own axis of rotation of the knife , to make the hob in the construction process in wear , long life, in addition to the hob have good abrasion resistance material itself , but also in the design and manufacture drill hob minimize slippage of the hob , so that each of the hob in pure rolling mode of operation in order to achieve the highest wear resistance , maximize the life of the hob . However, when the flat-bottomed drill cloth cutter can not guarantee that every hob pure rolling conditions are met , a 12 " cone angle of 20 ° conical hob , for example, pure rolling hob orbital radius of 925mm, also that 12 " 20 ° cone angle hob only arranged in the diameter of one meter eighty five ring hob on the circle to achieve pure rolling , in less than the diameter larger than the diameter of the hob and the hob are pure rolling can not be achieved , the slip will have to accelerate wear of the hob and the hob offset from the pure rolling radius of revolution where the greater the greater the slip , the greater the frictional heat generated , the greater the kinetic energy consumption , while also increased drilling resistance , making the tool and energy consumption increased drilling efficiency. Therefore, in theory, on the circle cutter hob should be arranged cone angle ranging hob different diameter to achieve pure rolling , but this tool will increase the difficulty of manufacturing and supply of spare parts , generally still use the same specifications hob ; another important reason is that when flat drill diameter greater than 3 meters slagging problems , taking into account the cost of comprehensive benefits , generally during a diameter of 3 meters of the borehole drilling construction, use flat-bottomed drill more appropriate.

1.2 conical bottom hob design and manufacture of drill

Conical bottom hob drill, its structure is complex, and some require the system components are assembled structure ( divided into two halves , three or even four half- half ) manufacturing costs are high , generally used for large diameter ( more than 3 meters in diameter ) diamond mine Jin and large diameter ( straight

More than 5 meters in diameter ) of a mine hole drilling.

For deep ( depth of 150 m or more ) of the drilling and the construction of the conical bottom tank supporting the selection of drill tool holder ; construction for drilling shallow conical bottom drill can be supporting the selection of saddle knife knife block and tank mixing arrangement the form can also be used tank knife . Supporting the hob optional 12 " cone angle of 6 ° with self lubrication balance piston cone welded hob or parquet ball hob ( under formation conditions used ) , it is because 6 ° cone angle of roll knife cone angle than 20 ° hob revolution pure rolling radius, hob pure rolling radius of revolution can reach 2860mm, can effectively reduce the hob in the drilling construction process relative slip . symmetrically arranged two drill center 12 "single- seat center hob, can reduce the maximum slip center hob , hob and rock both friction and reduce energy consumption ; the rest of the radius of gyration on the hob, you can change the cone base plate tool holder taper and tank tilt angle to optimize each revolution of the hob rolling conditions , in order to achieve that each hob during drilling and rock relative slip minimum, reduce the friction of rock hob with the purpose of and thus maximize the wear resistance hob , reduce energy consumption, improve drilling efficiency of construction. Conical bottom hob Another advantage is its centering effect, swing , stable performance, but since correcting poor results. Also arranged on the hob bottom cone drill bit , during drilling rock bottom hob with a certain tilt angle , thus changing the cutting rock drilling cutters cutting angle , reducing the drilling resistance. When drilling deep wells in supporting the use of self-balancing piston with hob , along with drilling depth increases, the wellbore mud pressure, hob also will increase the hydraulic chamber , sealing the tool tends to balance the pressure difference inside and outside , play a protective role in sealing , improved seal life , integrated in terms of the drilling large diameter drill deep cone bottom when there is not an alternate flat drill with advantages.

Two big hob drill proper use and maintenance

Hob drill large diameter compared with the ordinary drill bit expensive , directly restricts drilling speed , shaft construction quality, cost and energy consumption , particularly hob drill cone bottom , the structure is more complex , the price is relatively high , the replacement of a drill to spend a larger price. Rational use and timely maintenance is to give full play to maximize the economic benefits of a large hob drill one of the key factors , so the use of the process should pay close attention to the following aspects of the problem , in order to ensure a large hob drill work under normal conditions and give full play to large drill proper value.

2.1 counterweight load properly controlled quality assurance hob carrying capacity is not exceeded.

Deep drilling large diameter drilling decompression are generally used methods in the design of large-diameter drill hob manufacture , if known ancillary rig equipment capacity parameters are considered cloth cutter to match the number , but not ensure that each drill rigs are fixed in the same use . Therefore, the construction unit in the use of large drill bit , drill bit should be based on the number of configured cloth cutter loading counterweight mass , usually in the drilling process to maintain the role of each of the hob to the average maximum pressure should not exceed 5 tons. More than 3 meters in diameter, large drills, applied to each average pressure on the hob should be smaller, it is because the big drill discontinuity is more likely , and hob excessive force against an individual life of the hob is fatal .

2.2 timely and correct replacement hob , avoiding knife , cutter wear.

In large deep well drilling process, should be based on the specific circumstances of the formation to establish a regular inspection system to drill regularly tool . In the drilling process, if the drilling parameters are normal in every case , not the normal footage , it may have been badly worn hob , you need to replace the hob to avoid the knife holder and cutter wear , and can reduce energy consumption and improve overall economic efficiency . ATC should pay attention to three issues: First, to master the practical application every time the hob , under the same conditions for the same below ground life of one kind of statistical results hob , hob enough to stick to the remaining life of the next change knife cycle must be resolutely replace the lost ; Second, the diameter of the replacement hob basically the same size to the diameter error no larger than 5 ~ 8mm; three are being replaced with new hob taper angle must be replaced before using the hob taper angle consistent, which is very critical , especially in hard rock and hard rock formations is even more important , it is because the original has been used hob bottomhole formation trajectory , that is, the original use of the hob has a cone angle the formation of different diameter ring groove , if replaced with the original use of different taper angles hob hob, in addition to increasing the hob sliding and friction , but will inevitably result in new hob does not match with the original track , causing one end of the force over the hob large accelerated wear and tear , or even result knife shaft fracture , fracture the hob falling knife block bottom , serious consequences . Construction units have been such a problem occurs , should attract the attention of the relevant construction personnel . While changing the taper angle will cause hob hob revolution pure rolling radius changes, more big hob slip friction , thereby increasing the kinetic energy consumption and drilling costs.

2.3 close attention to the bottom case , abnormal timely stop drilling excluded .

In the large-diameter drilling construction process, the rig is generally greater power , speed is relatively slow , downhole drilling process should be able to detect abnormal conditions , an unusual but not jumping drills and footage , should immediately stop drilling analyze the reasons for excluding abnormal conditions before drilling . Especially the bottom there is iron hard or hard boulder jump caused by drilling, drilling decompression time decompression function will instantly lose the role of enormous pressure and will act on impulse twelve hob , causing teeth to crack, knife shaft broken, damaged or even knife fracture phenomena , if not promptly removed, and thus will cause other damage to the hob association vicious cycle , resulting in serious consequences.

2.4 To ensure that drilling equipment and construction capabilities to match the requirements .

As mentioned above , cone bottom drilling bit large hob , good stability, but poor ability to self- correction , so the drilling construction, to fully consider the stability of the rig , rig support anti-torque , with the size of the weight , pressure adjustment feature , must be able to compete with the formation of the drill bit when drilling anti- torque effect , to ensure stability of the rig , reliability and prevent the displacement of drilling generated trace appears inclined hole , thereby causing sticking or cause bits deformation, damage, etc. hob and cutter undue loss , more severe cases , can cause excessive inclination of the wellbore .

3 bits and development and improvement of the hob

Drilling will drill structure is reasonable job stability , as well skewness , rock slag absorption effect and so produce more

Big impact , then under what circumstances choose what kind of drill structure, how to prevent deflection into wells , improve drilling efficiency? We discuss the following aspects :

3.1 as well skew rate control

Drilling into the wells drilling deflection rate has been an important assessment indicators, the ability to meet the requirements of drilling equipment premise , except in the construction process is controlled strictly according to standard operation , the drill supporting structure is an important aspect of the design . Drilling holes in the first stage construction of shallow wells , as long as proper methods of operation , as well linear in general can meet the requirements, but the depth of over 150 meters above drilling deep wells should be considered in the design of the drill bit matching set Rear with hole stabilizer to ensure a well linear ; when the second or third grade level reaming drilling construction, according to the specific construction conditions , in the design of drill matching set ahead of time or in the same bore hole stabilization after stabilizer is set to ensure a linear wells . Stabilizer ( it was also known as guide ) on lead straight drilling, improve drilling conditions have very good results , we have developed into prop stick type , guide plate and rotary stabilizer , played a very good effect.

3.2 improve the layout and suck slag hob conditions, improve drilling efficiency

Most hob hob layout and installation drill bit the same way , that is permanently fixed knife seat mounted removable hob , in order to keep the unity of spare parts supply and convenience , generally using a single specification hob . But the construction of large diameter ultra-deep speaking , this is not the best cloth cutter approach is not conducive to the hob for pure rolling rock breaking cutting , hob slide volume, low efficiency. Now the trend of large diameter drill bit is in a different orbital radius of cloth cutter , using different mounting angles and arranged in different sizes and cone angles hob, bringing them closer to pure rolling , reducing slippage , improve drilling efficiency . Another point is that as much as possible to improve the suction conditions slag , slag rational design suction port , configure the appropriate proportion of flushing medium , especially in rock excavation , to ensure timely discharge of slag rock , making the hob in a completely clean work surface work can greatly reduce the wear and energy consumption hob , improve drilling efficiency .

3.3 Improved hob design structure and improve its performance

As in recent years, the construction of large diameter increase in the number of mine on the hob performance and service life requirements continue to increase , we hob wear resistance, load capacity and sealing performance made a lot of improvements. In welding cutter , the selection of different formations for different alloy blades and welding electrodes, and strive to make the best wear resistance cutter ; knife shaft in manufacturing process , we improved the design of the structure , adjusting the heat treatment process sequence and parameters , reducing small possibility of stress concentration , increased carrying capacity ; bearing materials have developed a silicon-molybdenum vanadium steel series. We also used for drilling deep wells sealed hob made a lot of improvements , to meet the deep wash well under the enormous pressure of the media increases the hob automatic voltage regulator function, and we have developed a high- mounted on the bearing rings abrasion wear sealed so hob lubrication and sealing function has a very good improvement to meet the needs of large diameter drilling deep wells . Currently our company has developed a variety of specifications of the hob , basically meet the various strata of various wellbore construction requirements.

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