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Resolve the four factors affecting the hammerhead life

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Crusher hammer: hammer crusher hammer composite hammer crusher, sand making machine, hammer, hammer of crushing machine, crusher, hammer, etc., it's life with the following four factors:

Physical properties of minerals and with the biological nature of the (metal abrasion, including the amount of soil, water, viscoplastic, compressive strength, etc.)

The internal structure of the reasonableness of

Three hammerhead selection of correctness and manufacturing quality

4 operation

The first is an objective existence, is a congenital need to have a correct understanding in advance. The second is to adapt the processing within the processing nature of the materials and process requirements, the machine needs to be done to prevent the produce excessive wear. The third item is a selection problem, at present, single-stage hammer crusher hammer double metal composite class (high chromium cast iron, the head of HRC> 61, the shank is chrome molybdenum alloy steel, HB225 ~ 310); high manganese class of steel (including high manganese steel alloy, alloying elements, ultra-high manganese steel surfacing wear layer of striking surface alloys of high manganese steel); carbon steel class (including the fight against paragraph hardness of HRC55-58, mother 39, the impact toughness> 240j of dual-hardness of the hammer); the fourth is the use and operation of the crusher. Grate the regulation and hammer the flange in a timely manner and not in a timely manner and results to differ materially. Currently, individual plants do not even flanging, without adjusting any accumulation of a large space of friction material layer in the grate and the rotor, and then the wear life of the material can not be. Therefore, to establish a system to make careful use, to extend the life of the parts, cement mining energy saving and emission reduction.