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The Company Ranked as Henan Engineering and Technological Research Center of Shield Machine Cutter
In 2010, as a hi-tech enterprise in Luoyang Hi-tech Development Zone, according to 2010 Key Points for Construction of Henan Engineering and Technological Research Centers, we applied for construction of Henan Engineering and Technological Research Center by right of outstanding achievements in technological innovation and advances of science and technology, the honors of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards, master of core technology and independent intellectual property right, stronger industrial potentials and dominant position in the industry. Under the collaboration of leaders from all departments and whole staff, the company, through discussion of experts from Science and Technology Department, was approved to construct Henan Engineering and Technological Research Center of Shield Machine Cutter, which plays a crucial role for enhancement of independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, construction of innovation team and fostering of science and technology talents. We will be devoted to developing research and development actively and construct the research center as soon as possible to boost development of the enterprise and even the whole industry.
Achievements from National Cooperation Network of Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology
It convenes Technical Seminar regularly; before seminar, members are noticed of key topics and submit theses which are then edited into collected papers for exchange and communication. Over 15 years, it totally convened eight technical seminars respectively in Zhengzhou, Yichang (the Three Gorges), Huangshan, Changsha, Nanjing, Qingdao, Guilin, and Jinan, attracting near 300 members at most. It published eight collected papers totally, including over 200 sheets of papers about 2 million words, which are widely popular with the members and the society. Otherwise, it also organized experts and scholars to write Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology and Large-diameter Bridge Engineering Piles which are favorably received by the professionals, and are published several times. At present, our members are initiating to write China Modern Highway Bridge Techniques Series totaled 27 books with contents extensive, and right now, there are over ten books published and launched into the market
Make Innumerable Great Achievements in Scientific Research
We invest a fund over RMB one million in developing new products every year, and launch one new product each year.Multielement wear-resistant alloy steel lining plate we developed can be used to replace high-manganese steel lining plate in cement mill, with lifespan increased by three times. For example, the lifespan of high-manganese steel lining plate for the bin of 3.5M cement mill in Kunming Cement Factory only lasts for one year, our
Seminar on Bored Pile Construction Technology of Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge
Seminar on Bored Pile Construction Technology of Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge was held on March 27th in Wuhan. The seminar was organized and hosted by CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company Ltd., the Chairman Unit of National Cooperation Network of Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology, and was the first academic meeting of the cooperation network.
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The ninth large diameter engineering construction technical seminar wellThe papers directory1 large diameter combination bridge engineering piles JiangWei diao heart macro (east China jiaotong university in jiangxi province nanchang institute of civil)
Luoyang nine long company shield construction machine tool development trends
In the early s, China began to shield construction machine of the development of the material of hob also many exploration experiment, but it was no professional hob production factory, scientific research units and no enough money into experiment, so that I was in the development of hob effect insufficient ideal, only in the weak shield-driven construction of scraper to explore. In the mid ninety s, mor xikang qinling tunnel scheme using TBM railway develop extensive demonstration. Due to the sword is tunnel roadheader hob circle of the main broken rock tools, the sword of the great circle consumption, increase the construction cost and influence to the construction progress. Import knife circle expensive and delivery time long, the development of domestic hob knife circle is imperative. So the whole section founded the tunnel se disc rolling.
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