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Special conditions of large diameter bored pile construction technology Deep
Xingang Tianjin Binhai New Area on the 4th road tunnel is designed as dual ten lane viaduct piers and foundation due Jinbin Light effects , driveways not normally traverse . It is required to Tianjin - Binhai Viaduct 339 # ( brake pier ) and 340 # ( Shared pier ) pier for underpinning , underpinning φ2000mm using three and six φ1800mm bored bored . Where three φ2000mm bored pile length 90.00m, 6φ1800mm bored pile length 70.00m. Creepage piles located under the viaduct , viaduct bottom elevation of 10.00m ( Taku elevation , the same below ) , ground elevation of 3.00 ~ 3.50m. Just 7.00m clearance from about underpinning and 340 from the original 339 # # pier is only 7.50m ( see Figure 1 ) . After construction of self-balancing method to test pile bearing capacity testing, meet the design requirements .
Broken slip layer geological construction of large diameter bored piles
Hangzhou to Lanzhou National Highway Traffic lines are "national key trunk road layout planning" key highway national road network " 13 vertical 15 horizontal" in a cross , is to connect China's eastern , central and southwestern regions of the important horizontal lines . Yunyang, Fengjie to Chongqing Expressway is a line in Chongqing , Hangzhou, Lanzhou important sections of the territory , but also the Chongqing Urban Planning of the " Ring 8 shooting " highway network, an important part. The construction of the project on improving the national trunk road network, improve traffic behind the Three Gorges reservoir conditions, implementation of the " western development " strategy is important.
Hob drill mine construction in large diameter
Release time:
2013-08-27 00:00
With the rapid development of engineering construction , the construction of large-scale mines increasing wellbore excavation construction process is the key to building the mine , using a reasonable construction of the mine excavation method has important significance. So far, the drilling method is still one of the best methods of mine development , this construction method is all on the ground , people do not go down , safe and reliable.
Large diameter pipe Trenchless Technology
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2013-08-27 00:00
In recent years , Tianjin urban infrastructure big leap in the speed of development, gradually expand the scale of the city , sewage emissions increase , coupled with the protection of water resources , rain sewers diversion , urban flood control capacity, the New Castle underground drainage network construction scale , greatly increasing every year . With the city traffic volume increased year by year , to increase the length and width of road , the road under the rain water pipe length is increasing in diameter increases to meet urban needs.
Large diameter pile bridge combination
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2013-08-27 00:00
Since reform and opening , with the national economy continues to climb, China's highway bridge construction has also been rapid development. Span is getting bigger, the upper structure type mix, and its related infrastructure projects has been little change , the lack of original technology . Bridge engineers generally " under the light back on ." In order to finish the work often apply design drawings , and even small span rivers are covered with caps . As we all know , pile underwater
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