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In 2010 China's yunnan province on southeast Asia, South Asia four highways built
The administration authority in yunnan province and yunnan province for southeast Asia, South Asia of the direction of article 4 of high grade highway construction progress faster, to 2010, article 4 to two of the direction of yunnan international thoroughfare for all construction will finish.
In the large shield construction machine developed technology to reach international level-shield construction machine
Large shield research reflects a country advanced manufacturing level. Our country with independent intellectual property rights of the "big diameter slurry balance shield and complex shield" 25 in Shanghai through the acceptance, experts think that overall technical level has reached the international advanced level, broke the foreign technical monopoly. As Shanghai science and technology commission "innovation action plan" project, the "big diameter slurry balance shield and complex shield" by the Shanghai urban construction Shanghai tunnel engineering Co., LTD independent research, in the general design and technology integration a breakthrough, and in the 2010 world expo in Shanghai major matching project--Shanghai play pu road tunnel in multiple tracks of successful demonstration construction. The 2.969 kilometers of dozen pu road tunnel multiple tracks is connected pudong, Shanghai OuDeChong international horticultural expo garden.
Beijing metro line no. 10 second phase of all the first paragraph shield construction machine interval breakthrough
From Beijing ZhuZong municipal company responsible for the construction of Beijing metro line no. 10 second phase of section of the site 17, no. 10 line from the second phase of all the first paragraph shield construction machine interval penetration the good news. With shield days number seven shield construction machine operation, subjects and the knife dish, gradually enter reserved DongMen circle, seems to show a joy to you smile, and marking, this section of firearms camp to the finish line interval stand right smooth breakthrough. This section will fire shield interval length is 940.187 m right line, of the left line length is 963.289 m, for a total of 1903.476 m. Shield construction machine in February 2010 to 22, and ditch village right from the initial line, successively in blue set under the north road north lines, KunYuHe, blue set factory north road southbound line, side wear transit authority haidian management office 1 ~ 2 layer houses and WanQuanHe interchange bridge bridge pier, the risk sour.
Xian on channel 7 subway shield captain le slope initial
The China railway construction group of ten game for subway line one 12 standard engineering including: changle slope ~ station of wanshou road, PRC tonghua stand, tonghua door to door stood to KangFuLu stand three shield interval, underground tunnel of two section, interval wind Wells a, interval is a 3748.85 YanMi double. This project in March 18, 2009 start work, plan in early 2012 to finish.
Mor will receive more than 200 billion financing support south, north car get yuan arrears
Ministry of Railways recently received more than 200 billion yuan of financial support, to ensure that its funds to pay and the advancement of key projects, as well as supporting projects optimize the sound. Suffering from financial distress of the railway capital of the tension in the support of the Government will be greatly eased.
China's homegrown shield equipment localization rate of 60 percent
Xinhua, November 10 on the 10th, the field of advanced manufacturing technology key projects of National 863 Program "mud balance shield key technology and prototype development" project by the Chinese Ministry of Science and technology acceptance in a number of key technologies to reach the international advanced level. This indicates that large shield localization has been a major breakthrough.
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