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Cement plant crushing limestone wear hammer wear characteristics

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The level of silicon content in the limestone chemical composition on the hammerhead service life has a direct impact, the higher the silicon content, the shorter the hammer the life of the best-case scenario is less than 2% of silicon content in the limestone. The other hand, limestone compressive strength of high and low and hammer is closely related to life. The higher the compressive strength, fragile worse, the hammer will be a short service life.

The hammerhead selection and manufacturing quality is a very significant impact on the hammer the life of: before the cement industry with the hammer crusher materials is basically a high-manganese steel, the better is ZGMn13Cr2, after its heat treatment hardness HRc23. Hammerhead in the case of high silicon content and high-strength limestone coupled with the adverse effects of their operations, service life is very short. A pair of 2022's hammer, may not exceed 10 million tons of production.

With the the hammerhead new technology, has ultra-high-manganese steel hammer and dual-alloy composite wear hammer. The so-called ultra-high manganese steel, ZGMn18Cr2MoRe than ZGMn13Cr2, improve the content of manganese. The aim is to improve the heat treatment the hardness of the hammer, to improve the wear resistance, extended service life. However, due to the manganese content and alloying elements to improve a certain limit, because they improve the hardness, wear resistance at the same time will reduce the toughness, so the impact is very large, better not.

Dual alloy composite wear hammer, usually there are three forms: one is that the surfacing layer on the surface of carbide in the hammer, increase the resistance to wear of the hammer; The second is to be controlled in the casting. hammer parts of the alloy (primarily chromium) content: The third is the site of the hammerhead work, inlaid carbide rods or alloy block.

The manufacturing quality of the hammerhead is mainly due to the geometry, alloy composition, content and heat treatment hardness and depth factors. Broken their operations hammerhead life has a great influence: the great influence of limestone particle size on the hammerhead service life; limestone water content on the the hammerhead service life has a great influence; crusher feed grate sew the number of blocked and continuing operation of the length of time in the blockage, and hammer the life of a great; the presence of impurities in the limestone. These factors affect the service life of wear hammer is very important.