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Achievements from National Cooperation Network of Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology

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Since now, National Cooperation Network of Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology has been founded over 15 years, and made plenty of achievements, showing as follows:

I. Technical Exchange

It convenes Technical Seminar regularly; before seminar, members are noticed of key topics and submit theses which are then edited into collected papers for exchange and communication. Over 15 years, it totally convened eight technical seminars respectively in Zhengzhou, Yichang (the Three Gorges), Huangshan, Changsha, Nanjing, Qingdao, Guilin, and Jinan, attracting near 300 members at most. It published eight collected papers totally, including over 200 sheets of papers about 2 million words, which are widely popular with the members and the society. Otherwise, it also organized experts and scholars to write Heavy-caliber Engineering Well Construction Technology and Large-diameter Bridge Engineering Piles which are favorably received by the professionals, and are published several times. At present, our members are initiating to write China Modern Highway Bridge Techniques Series totaled 27 books with contents extensive, and right now, there are over ten books published and launched into the market.

II. Technical Consultation

It also embarked on wide technical consultation for some important problems emerged in key projects. For example, piles of bridges in karst area sunk soon after construction because karst area has unchecked caves, causing the irredeemable loss, Zhaoqing Bridge in Guangdong also had the same problem. On invitation of the owner, Cooperation Network organized experts to give in-situ consultation; they put forward the method to detect location, depth, and scale of karst caves with CT electromagnetic wave scanning technology, and then process the caves one by one. At last, they broken through the statement that it was impossible to build up bridges in karst area. Now, Zhaoqing Bridge is ranked as a model in Guangdong bridge high-grade projects.

III. Technical Training

There is no excellent construction team, and there is no high-grade project. It has always paid more attention to training on construction team just at the beginning of establishment, and established training classes in different forms, with contents diversified, for example: How to choose drilling parameters? How to use rock breaking hob correctly……; it dabbles in comprehensive training and establishment of sophisticated team. For instance, a training class for tens of people from Hebei Research Institute of Construction and Reconnaissance made a success under the support of leaders of Research Institute (as President often attended a lecture) and endeavors of trainees. After training, they formed a professional team and undertook the bored concrete pile project of Zhuhai Bridge for the first time, when the project confronted the problem of inability to drill hard rock, and over twenty teams were stuck in the problem. However, the team from Hebei Research Institute of Construction and Reconnaissance successfully drilled a well into hard rock by virtue of their knowledge and standard machines and tools, and then the well was listed as a model well by the owner, and the team was ranked as a model of the construction site. After that, the team successively undertook several large projects such as Quanzhou Citong Bridge, Wuhan Baishazhou Bridge, Hubei Jingsha Bridge, Runyang Yangtze River Bridge, Hangzhou Qiantang River Third Bridge, Yueyang Dongting Lake Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Second Bridge, etc. Nowadays, the matured team has become into a large construction enterprise with several branches and dozens of dedicated equipment.

IV. Improvement in Construction Equipment and Technology

Members of Cooperation Network all lay stress on improvement in equipment and technology, Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Corp., as better one of them, successfully tackled difficulties in foundation piles 4m in diameter and 108m in depth in Tongling Yangtze River Bridge Project and developed new drilling technology, making contributions to be the first in China and achievement of international level.

Over the years, the shield machine has been increasingly applied to construction of subway in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, but rock breaking cutters are imported. However, Luoyang Jiujiu Corporation utilized (TBM) 17’’ disc hob technology on the shield machine, which solved the localization of rock breaking cutter for shield machine, and it achieved volume production of cutters for the market. Luoyang Jiujiu will always strive to improve quality of cutters for meeting subway times.